So you think you’re not creative?

We are all creators.

We create all day, every day.

Some people create for a living, some people dream of creating for a living.

Most of us though create ourselves each day. We create ourselves in the clothes we wear, in the make-up we may paint on our faces, in the tattoos we etch on our body. We create ourselves in the cars we drive, the homes we build, through our social media feeds.

We create stories in our heads. Some for pure imagination, but mostly we tell ourselves tales to help us adjust to the often brutal vividness of life. We daydream and fantasize. We lie to ourselves, justify situations to ourselves, make excuses for our behaviour – regardless of the circumstance they are still just stories we create inside our minds to help us survive and thrive in the world.

We create products, designs, concepts, brands and ideas.

We create problems and then create the solutions.

We create our lives. We create our homes. We create friendships. Then we choose to create the ways we utilise these things. Do we create love, happiness, joy and fulfilment or do we choose to create chaos, fear, hurt and pain? Either way we create it. We might not believe we do, but we do.

We are always creating. We can’t stop. We are meant to create, born to create. One of the unspoken laws of all forms of life is that if it doesn’t grow it dies. Creating is growth. If we don’t create we die, even if it’s a symbolic death rather than a physical one. So creating is our essential nature. It’s our birthright. It’s our celebration and expression of life. In many ways it’s our gift back to the Universe, thanking it for the opportunity of life itself we just don’t necessarily realise that is what we are doing.

Every thought we have, the good ones and the bad ones, is creative. Every action we take, the good ones and the bad ones, is creative. Whatever we think, whatever we do it creates something else, some form of action, reaction or new circumstance.

We cannot escape our own creativity. Most of us try to though. We deny it, we run from it. We often defend with pride our lack of creativity and ability. ‘I’m just not the creative type’ is what most people tell themselves. You ARE. You cannot not be.

So why then would we deny our own essential creative nature? Fear. We are frightened of our own power, our own greatness. If we accept that we are creators then we have to take responsibility for what we create, and if we take responsibility for what we create then we cannot blame anyone or anything else for the good or bad that we create. Our excuses are gone, and that is pretty scary.

The irony of this is that whether we believe it or not or embrace it or not we are nevertheless creating our lives, our experiences and the meaning we put on our lives, and there is no one else to blame. So we might as well take control of our creation and create ourselves the way we want to, with purpose and design, with joy and beauty, kindness, love and abundance.

Why not?