Could art journaling awaken your creativity?

It’s hard to navigate the creative corner of instagram without bumping into a regram of Noor Unnahar Siddique’s poetry. Her distinctive style features mixed media collages, held up against a backdrop of fresh flowers. A setting that stands out against today’s highly curated social media feed.

But it’s not just Noor’s words that have got people talking, she has become somewhat of a poster girl for the art journaling community.

What’s art journaling? Well it’s similar to scrapbooking, but much more ‘in the moment’. The premise is you carry your journal with you everywhere and create art whenever the moment takes you. In a coffee shop with a biro or at home with watercolours – the trick is to go with the flow and fill each page with wonder. Developing your skill this way ensure that you don’t force yourself to be creative when you’re not in the mood and nurtures your your mind to become more in turn with surrounding inspiration.

Noor says: “A journal entry is abstract art in its rawest form so let the imagination take over to shape your creation. There are no rules in this industry; so don’t stress over anything.”

Ask most people these days and they’d probably say something along the lines of ‘I like art, but I’m just not very good at it’. But by whose standard are we judging ourselves? If you’re art journaling just for you, a secret little project for our eyes only, who decides if each piece is worthy? That’s right, you do.

Art journaling is about nurturing ideas and practising techniques. It’s not about creating a masterpiece – anything but! Each page tells a story, it doesn’t have to be the next Mona Lisa, it simply has to reflect your thoughts and feelings in the same way a diary would. What better way to awaken your creativity by translating your inner most thoughts onto paper with reckless abandon?

Follow our favourite art journaling instagram accounts and give it a go yourself!

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