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Your Shores Await

The big day is finally here. We’ve hoovered around a bit, sprayed a bit of air freshener – the works. We’re open for business at long last. We’re letting you off the lead, taking the reins off, run free!


…Alright, not that free, you weirdo. Put your trousers back on for Pete’s sake, you’re causing a scene.


That’s right, Shores is now open. You can buy stuff and everything now, it’s mindblowing. really.


Alright, we’ll level with you, you might still find the odd bug or quirk along the way, there’s only so much we can test, y’know, cut us some slack… If you do find anything weird as you click through, though, just shoot us an email and we’ll get right on it.


Other than that tiny bit of housekeeping though, there’s not a lot more to say. We hope you like what you find as you dig through everything we have to offer, but as we’ve mentioned before, we want to do things differently with Shores. We’ve always learning, always improving, always looking to please you. Our shores are your shores, remember, and the journey to launch is the beginning. You’re more than welcome to join us for the adventures to come, and we really hope that you do.