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Welcome to Shores

Hi there, welcome to Shores. Pull up a chair and let us introduce ourselves.

We’re Shores, we sell outerwear that’s built to last. There are a number of brands under our roof, some that veer towards classic design, others that sit firmly on the bleeding edge of fashion. You’ll find jackets and coats for any occasion, and any weather condition right here.

With Shores we want to create a whole experience. The way we see it, from the very moment that a Shores parcel hits your doormat, your journey has begun. Alright, technically, your journey begins as soon as you type YourShores.com into your address bar, but we’re thinking of the big picture here, bear with us. Our jackets and coats will carry you to somewhere new, or somewhere that feels like home in equal measure.

The name “Shores” isn’t something we picked purely because we liked the sound of it. In a way, it’s a mission statement for us. Like shores in nature, our jackets are timeless. They constantly evolve and develop thanks to the most natural processes possible.

With Shores, we want to do things differently. Like actual shores, we want to be subject to change over time. Always learning, always improving, always looking to please you at every turn. Without a rich history or prominent name guiding us, we just don’t see the point of burying our heads in the sand and doing what we want – in an ever-changing digital world, evolution and adaptation is absolutely key, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do, just watch us.