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Autumn fashion ideas, standing on crisp leaves

Transitional style: What to wear between summer and autumn

It’s officially one month until autumn! Whether you’re chasing the remainder of summer or counting the days until ‘big coat weather’, the unpredictable season change is going to throw your wardrobe into disarray.

On days when the sky looks grey, you’ll face a warm blast of humidity. On days when the sky is clear blue, you’ll be deceived by shocking cold winds.

In order to win Mother Nature’s games, you’re going to have to become the master of transitional outfits. We’ve handpicked the best outfits on Instagram to give you a head start on the incoming autumnal season.

1. Grab your coat

Love the great outdoors? Don’t let the unpredictable weather hold up your adventures. Take a leaf our of OhDuckyDarling‘s book by pairing a cosy piece of outerwear over a summer-ready white dress.

2. Throw on your summer shades

When Cotton.Tales landed back home after travelling the world, the weather sure was different! We love how she’s adapted to the temperature with this gorgeous camel coloured throw. Contrasting this neutral tone with black is the perfect way to combine a sense of summer with a practical, warming twist.

3. Opt for sleeves
LurchHoundLoves instagram of autumn outfit

Sleeves like this might cast your mind back to the psycadellic seventies, but the fact this is knitwear changes EVERYTHING! Simple and sophisticated, this shirt worn by LurchHoundLoves is the perfect way to add a little movement to your transitional A/W wardrobe. The sudden drop in temperature leaves us reaching for any shirt with cosy long arms. However this style gives us a little room for skin to breathe – just in case!

4. Split your outfit in half!

We loved this outfit from instagram user LipstickAndJules, purely because of the stark contrast. The top says autumn but the shorts say summer! Whilst we think it might be past ‘shorts weather’ in the UK, we have been known to have a September heatwave previously! We were also drawn to the gorgeous wine red colour in this outfit. This colour is tipped to be a highstreet favourite next season and it certainly has a sophisticated feel to it.

5. Keep it classic

We fell in love with ChloePlumstead‘s classic smart/casual look. The turned up black jeans and exposed ankle give a subtle nod toward warmer days, whilst the short neck-scarf makes this outfit much more suited to autumn.

These amazing style bloggers have absolutely nailed their transitional looks! Why not follow in their footsteps for flawless fashion that looks great no matter what weather the seasons throw you way?