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The Pocket Vol.6

The Pocket is a curated collection of bits and bobs that we have been sharing around the Shores office recently. There is some stuff that has inspired us, enlightened us, blown our minds or just simply made us chuckle and we wanted to share them with you.

If you find any interesting things that you think would be worthy of a mention then let us know by emailing us at hello@yourshores.com.

I Trust You


What better way to start 2017’s Feel Good Friday newsletter than with a truly uplifting film that can’t help but make you feel good about the world. Karim Sulayman is an Arab-American activist and Tenor from Chicago. Sulayman teamed up with filmmaker Meredith Kaufman Younger to produce a ‘test experiment’. He stood poignantly outside Trump International Hotel in New York held up a board with a powerful message, and then Younger filmed the results. Faith in humanity restored.

On Top Of The World


The old joke goes something like ‘how many men does it take to change a lightbulb?’ but in this instance the question would be better phrased as ‘how many men does it take to change a lightbulb 1500ft in the air?’ The answer would be ONE, and he’s called Kevin Schmidt and with the benefit of some superb drone footage this film follows him to the top  of the KDLT TV antennae in Salem. Sufferers of vertigo should be warned to stay well clear of this footage.

Fashionwatch 2017


For many 2016 was a year to swiftly move on from and as nothing moves on faster than the world of fashion, it could provide the perfect antidote. In this great article the NY Times speculate on what could influence what we will be wearing in 2017.

Larger Than Life


When Australian artist Guido van Helten sets about finding a new canvas to work on he can’t exactly go to the local art supply store because his giant art is created on the side of buildings or ships. Van Helten has gained worldwide recognition for his incredible work and is now also the subject of an award winning documentary by Selina Miles.

Best Of The Best


Medium has re-written the rules when it comes to writing and blogging, and it’s simple, elegant interface is encouraging new users to join in their thousands. This success has meant an abundance of great writers are now able to get their work read, the downside being there is just so much to sift through. One of the best considered writers on the platform is Josh Spector and his life advice is honest, real and totally practical. In this post he presents his 20 most popular posts of 2016. This is a must read.

Man Mistakenly Films Entire Holiday In Selfie Mode


The Germans have a word for taking pleasure in other people’s misfortunes, schadenfreude, and there is possibly no better demonstration of that than the 9+million people who have viewed Irishman Joseph Griffin’s botched dream holiday video whereby he mistakenly shot the entire film in selfie mode. If you haven’t seen it you must, and if you have then watch it again.

Letters Of Note


Letters Of Note is a fascinating site. One of those places where you go in and get totally lost and absorbed in the variety of incredible content. It’s a project started by Shaun Usher in 2009 in an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards and memos from the past and present.  There are some unbelievable historical relics in here and a list of famous letter writers varying from Abraham Lincoln, Al Capone and  Fidel Castro to Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley and Quentin Tarantino.

One To Read


Every week we would like to try and recommend a book to read, but in true Shores style we wouldn’t want to recommend anything that’s less than mind blowing and incredible. This week to start the process off there is simply no better book than The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. Without wanting to do the book a disservice by reducing it to a brief description, it’s essentially about mindfulness but it’s really so much more than that. It’s the book Oprah Winfrey bought stockpiles of and gave to everyone she met and it’s also the book that notoriously Miley Cyrus also gave out to the contestants she mentored on the The Voice USA. It’s underplaying this book to even call it life changing.

Two To Watch

We also want to share what we’ve been watching this week that we think you might love too. With so much choice out there it’s hard to sift through it all without some good, trustworthy recommendations and so we hope we can provide you with just that. This week we have two documentaries to get you started, both polar opposites of each other.



The first is an incredible documentary about the life of fashion icon and super stylish 95 year old Iris Apfel, who is still going strong and still outshining people a quarter her age.

Searching For Sugar Man


The other is possibly the greatest music documentary of all time and follows two men who set out to find out more about the mysterious death of rock musician Rodriguez who had killed himself on stage back in the sixties. This is an absolutely breath-taking documentary.