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The Pocket Vol.4

The Pocket is a curated collection of bits and bobs that we have been sharing around the Shores office recently. There is some stuff that has inspired us, enlightened us, blown our minds or just simply made us chuckle and we wanted to share them with you.

If you find any interesting things that you think would be worthy of a mention then let us know by emailing us at hello@yourshores.com

Hit The North


Photography Stephen McCoy

The north of England is often portrayed as a bleak, grey, rain soaked landscape, but a new exhibition ‘North: Identity, Photography and Fashion tells a different story. Opening in the new year in Liverpool it celebrates the various ways the region has influenced fashion, music and general visual culture with it’s influence as far reaching as Belgian designer Raf Simons and American Virgil Abloh. The exhibition promises to be a an art and photography nostalgiafest celebrating the glory of the North.


All The President’s Men


The internet conjurs up some weird and wonderful things and this YouTube channel is no exception. News footage of President Obama is chopped up into tiny soundbites to make good old Barack seemingly sing along to an eclectic variety of songs. There’s Justin Timberlake, Drake, Rihanna and Michael Jackson, plus if there is a little gem of a video where former president Bill Clinton, rather appropriately, sings along to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.


Coffee Culture

anastassia elias

Coffee is cool, we know this already and to prove it we drink it like it’s going out of fashion – but artist Anastassia Elias has just made it even cooler with her coffee cup creations. Elias takes ordinary paper coffee cups and embellishes them with paper cutouts so that when light is shone through the bottom of the cup reveal entire, elaborate mini-worlds. Elias’ work seems even more appropriate at this festive time of year.


Album Sleeve Of The Year 2016

james blake sir quentin blake

It’s that time of year! No, not the Christmas tree and the decorations – more importantly it’s time for the Best Album Sleeve Of The Year. Run by Art Vinyl since 2005, fifty of the year’s best album sleeves are voted for by the public and the winner is announced on January 5th. This year has some awesome entries with the Sir Quentin Blake artwork for James Blake’s album, Jonathan Barnbrook’s work for David Bowie’s Blackstar album and Nicolas Jaar’s scratch off cover for Sirens new album.


BLAND is best

blanding agency

Everybody loves a good spoof, but there hasn’t been one quite so elaborate as the Bland.ly website. Spoofing ‘branding’ agencies and agency culture in general, they have created their own brand ‘BLAND’ – their manifesto being ‘we specialise in bland identity, bland development , bland strategy, blandbuilding, bland positioning, digital blanding….’ You get the idea. The site is a brilliantly funny, satirical look at everything wrong in the agency world but be warned if you click on to the link to their TED Talk on Inspiration=Innovation.