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The Pocket Vol.3

The Pocket is a curated collection of bits and bobs that we have been sharing around the Shores office recently. There is some stuff that has inspired us, enlightened us, blown our minds or just simply made us chuckle and we wanted to share them with you.

If you find any interesting things that you think would be worthy of a mention then let us know by emailing us at hello@yourshores.com

Jean Genius

Ian Berry Denim

Ian Berry is not like any other artist, and the reason he’s our favourite artist is because he creates his work entirely from one of our favourite fabrics, denim. With intricate detailing and using only different shades of denim to create photorealistic masterpieces of modern life, Ian Berry truly is a Jean Genie! You really need to see this to believe it, so read our recent blog post on the great man here.


How Soon Is Now?

soon app

With the overwhelming amount of information we all deal with everyday, we end up with a list of things we want to do, places we want to go, restaurants we want to eat at and no time to actually ever do it. When we do eventually get the time we have usually forgotten all those great ideas we once had. But SOON is an amazing app that helps create an ‘everyday bucketlist’ to make sure you never forget the things you want to do and it even helps you to interact and engage with what people or friends are up to within your community. No more excuses.



Coming Home For Christmas

heathrow advert

It seems that everybody wants to jump on the Christmas advert bandwagon, but it may be surprising to hear that Heathrow Airport may have just stolen this year’s seasonal advert thunder with their heart-warming tale of scruffy, old teddy bears Mr and Mrs Bair as they make their way to London to see their family for the festive season. Even the most hardened of you out there can’t help but be moved by this little pair.


Santa Forgot


While we are still on the subject of Christmas Adverts, we feel this Alzheimer’s Research UK campaign deserves a special mention as it is for such a worthy cause. Animated by Aardman Animations and narrated by Stephen Fry, it’s an incredible piece of work and of course all donations to the charity are desperately needed.


Seeing Is Believing


When you first look at the work of Greg Payce you could be fooled to thinking you are just looking at a series of neatly arranged vases, but once you see what is really there not only will your head explode but you can then never not see it.