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The Pocket Vol.2

The Pocket is a curated collection of bits and bobs that we have been sharing around the Shores office recently. There is some stuff that has inspired us, enlightened us, blown our minds or just simply made us chuckle and we wanted to share them with you.

If you find any interesting things that you think would be worthy of a mention then let us know by emailing us at hello@yourshores.com

Levi’s 501 : Stories of an Original


There is probably nothing more iconic when it comes to fashion than the Levi’s 501 jeans, currently celebrating their 126th birthday. To commemorate this incredible accomplishment the denim brand have produced this fascinating documentary, featuring all manner of guest interviewees and incredible vintage footage.

Icelandic Volcano Bread – Yes it’s actually bread made in a volcano


Iceland is most recently notorious for it’s volcanic rumblings, as well as for producing such gems as Bjork and Sigur Ros, but it could soon become known for it’s culinary cuisine. New York filmmaker Alison Grasso visited Laugarvatn Fontana Spa just outside Rejkavik and made a fascinating film about baking bread by burying the dough for 24 hours in volcanic mud springs. Never before has melted butter looked and tasted so good as at the end of this great little film.

Women Run The World


Maybe back in school the statement ‘you run like a girl’ was considered a serious insult amongst young men, but recent research could actually make this same statement a compliment of the highest order. NY Times writer Jen A. Miller has written this fascinating, detailed article about women and running, but it’s a must read for everyone.


Photographs from a New York taxicab


NY Times writer John Leland has written a fantastic article previewing the work of photographer Ryan Weiderman who drove a New York cab in the 1980’s. Weiderman decided to turn the camera on his passengers and documented the fascinating, eclectic world of New York during this period. The images capture a nostalgic 80’s moment in time with some fascinating characters that probably pose even more intriguing questions than they answer.


Star Wars – A NEW New Hope


With new Star Wars films planned for the next few years and spin off movie Rogue One just around the corner, you would think Star Wars fans would be feeling pretty content but apparently not for a group of dedicated fans. Not satisfied with the lack of a high enough quality copy of Episode 4: A New Hope, one group of technical wizards have set about restoring the original, theatrical version of the film in 4k by undergoing a painstaking and time consuming scanning, cleaning and rendering process. Take a look at the trailer and the results of their work so far here.


How to Handle Stress The Google Way


When Google acknowledged that the workplace was becoming an increasingly stressful environment they devised an in-house program to try and address this. After it’s resounding success they have since rolled it out to become a public program and it’s a non-profit organisation called SIYLI (Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute). Their blog is full of great information and so we thought in the midst of all the noise and chaos that is Black Friday, you might appreciate some tips on how to keep calm and carry on.


And Breathe


We do it 600 million times in our life on average. We do it 25000 times a day but we actually aren’t very good at it. That’s right BREATHING. Research shows that if we learn to breath properly it can enhance our whole lives. Now that’s exactly what we need to know for Black Friday.


The World’s Most Relaxing Film

A bold claim indeed but that self-proclaimed title is apparently well researched and scientific fact and this is indeed the World’s Most Relaxing film.  The 7 minute film is based on the findings of various experts in the field of stress, music therapy and mindfulness and filmed in forests, fields, rivers and beaches in Denmark. If this doesn’t calm the Black Friday chaos then nothing will!