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The Pocket Vol.1

The Pocket is a curated collection of bits and bobs that we have been sharing around the Shores office recently. There is some stuff that has inspired us, enlightened us, blown our minds or just simply made us chuckle and we wanted to share them with you.

If you find any interesting things that you think would be worthy of a mention then let us know by emailing us at hello@yourshores.com

Bargain Basement Masterpieces

painting by David Irwine of a stormtrooper in the snow mowing the lawn

While we are all in the mood for a bargain, have a look at these brilliant paintings by David Irwine. He finds old paintings in charity shops and enhances them by adding pop-culture icons.
Click the image above or click here to see more junkyard pop art from David.

This Story Has Got Serious Legs


Stacey Baker, who works as a photo editor at the NY Times, photographs the legs of women on the streets of NYC in her spare time. She’s gaining a rapid following on Instagram, now boasting 78K+ followers and she’s even turned the project into a book called New York Legs. We are fascinated by her work and always look forward to her latest posts. Click the images above to visit her site or click here.

Free Fun With Stickman

stickman art

Everybody loves a bit of free online fun, so checkout this brilliant little Stickman adventure and see what kind of journey your little hand drawn squiggles take you on. Please forgive our sorry mouse drawn attempt in the screen shot above, but do note that Stickman is wearing the very latest Shores mens biker jacket BROOKLYN. I think you will agree he looks devastatingly handsome in it. Click the image above or click here to meet Stickman.

Office Christmas Party


Can you believe it’s nearly that time of year again?  Doesn’t everyone love a good Christmas movie though? Sitting in the warm cinema, giant box of popcorn on your knee whilst a cold but festive snow storm blows it’s way through the city outside. Well if you do then check out the trailer for Office Christmas Party, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman which looks like it’s going to be a real ‘cracker’.

When Wearing A Silly Christmas Jumper Is A Very Good Thing

xmas jumpers charity

Yes that’s right Friday 16th December is Christmas Jumper Day and if you sign up, wear a silly festive jumper or even just donate then all the money goes to Save The Children which helps children all over the World. Click the image above to find out more or just click here.

Leaping Lizards

planet earth 2 lizard being chased by snakes

If you haven’t seen the sequence from Planet Earth 2 featuring a baby lizard being chased by a nest of hungry snakes then you must have been living under a rock (probably trying to avoid snakes). The scene is being talked about as the greatest sequence from a nature documentary EVER. Naturally there have already been some viral spoofs popping up that are worth checking out too but if you haven’t seen the original then click on the image above or take a brief look at it here.