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Image of Kudu Blue sitting on grass together

Talking Style & Outerwear with Kudu Blue

At Shores we like to think of ourselves as cheerleaders of the creative spirit and we love nothing more than discovering and sharing new talent. This time around we are featuring an incredible band called Kudu Blue, a Shores office favourite.

Kudu Blue are a Brighton-based 5 piece who have been together since 2014. Initially cutting their teeth remixing other artists, they have since released a series of singles; ‘Bones’, ‘Falling Away’, ‘Vicinity’ and most recently the phenomenal ‘Call Out’ which has already been receiving radio support from Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and Julie Adenuga at Beats 1.

It’s hard to pin down their music into any particular style or category but the band describe their sound as smooth, energised electronica with an eclectic mix of all of their other influences. Their notoriously electrifying live shows demonstrate that they can also effortlessly recreate the energy and creativity of their recordings.

We caught up with Clem, Tom, Creeda, Owen and Dale and rather than just asking them the usual music related questions we decided to challenge their sartorial natures. Specialising in leather jackets, we thought that would be the best place to start!

Could you tell us about the favourite jacket/leather jacket you own?

Clem – My long black Armani Leather Jacket, I found it on Ebay.

Tom – I only own one and my dad gave it to me, it’s thirty five years old and has a twig in one of the pockets that his mate snuck in there before I was born. He never took it out.

Dale – I sadly don’t own a leather jacket. However I do love my cord khaki Levi’s bomber jacket. I got it from a vintage clothes shop in the North Laine in Brighton. I don’t really have any special stories attached to it other than my girlfriend thinks it’s too much of a Jeremy Clarkson coat. I think there may be a slight negative undercurrent to her saying this, but I love it though.

Creeda – The only time I have worn a leather jacket is when I was in a school play. It was Grease and I was one of the T-Birds. And to be honest, it’s probably the coolest I’ve ever looked.

Owen – My skin is actually made of leather, so I don’t really need a jacket.

Who are your style icons?

Clem – Owen Crouch.

Owen – David Bowie.

Creeda – Peter Griffin.

Tom – Creeda Kirkham.

Dale – Going to break the trend here and go with James Dean.

Which artists have influenced the bands look the most?

Clem – It’s hard to say really, we all dress pretty differently.

Owen  – We definitely all do our own thing, we thought about going for some kind of look when we first started, but it just felt really unnatural.

How many jackets do you each own? Any particular stand out pieces?

Owen – Maybe about 5? Creeda loves my Penfield coat.

Creeda – 6 or 7 I reckon. I’m a little bit in love with a bomber jacket with a picture of Taz the Tazmanian Devil on the back that I picked up recently. I also found a lovely Reiss beige overcoat in a charity shop the other day which is lovely.

Tom – Stone Island overshirt, North Face parka.

Dale – 6… I think. Not really. Only the Levi’s jacket again. I tend to just wear one thing constantly until it starts looking a bit shabby.

Clem – I think I own 6, my favourites are my Blue shiny rubber coat and Mushroom print coat.

Where do you most regularly buy your clothes from?

Clem – I don’t have one shop in particular, I don’t buy clothes very often so when I do like to make sure I really like the item.

Owen – I’ll usually end up in Urban Outfitters.

Creeda – Most of mine comes from various shops in The Laines in Brighton.

Tom – I buy a lot of my clothes from a Brighton shop called Peggs & Sons

Dale – Anywhere really. I do like going into small vintage clothes shops and spending a while rummaging through.


If you could only ever wear one outfit forever – what would that outfit be?

Clem – Puffa Jacket, Combats, Air Max

Owen – Birthday suit.

Creeda – Long black coat, blue shirt, black skinnies (super jitter I know) and my new Lite Racer Adidas

Tom – Selvage jeans, Clarks, Norse Projects, Stone Island

Dale – Levi’s or Barbour jacket, Clarks desert shoes, jeans

What is the most favourite item in your wardrobe?

Clem – My T.Shirt of Michael Jackson holding E.T

Owen – Paul Smith suit.

Creeda – My lucky boxers. I suppose they’re in my chest of drawers but still.

Tom – Carhartt Adam Kimmel Shirt

Dale – I don’t really have one I’m afraid

What is the most they have ever spent on one single item of clothing?

Clem – £160

Owen – £170? Got to one up Clem.

Creeda – £100

Tom – £300

Dale – £150

What are the bands current touring plans?

Clem – We have got a few festivals coming up this summer that we are really looking forward to, Secret Garden Party, Nozstock, as well as a few shows in Brighton and London.

When are we likely to see an album?

Clem – Not for a while yet! We would love to eventually but are enjoying putting out singles at the moment.