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liam gallagher king of coats

Liam Gallagher: The Ultimate King of Coats

Liam Gallagher, the Mancunian bad boy of rock n roll, is back on the scene to promote a new Oasis documentary ‘Supersonic‘; almost six years after the band split up.

The film directed by Mat Whitecross, perhaps best known for his work on the Amy Winehouse documentary ‘Amy‘, charts the Manchester band’s meteoric rise from a Burnage council estate to their infamous sell out Knebworth concerts.

Supersonic is a superbly accomplished and often hilarious montage of unseen footage from the early days, current interviews with the band and of course a selection of the band’s rock and roll anthems; the latter of which set to remind you of just how incredible and important their early work was.

The film does nothing to dispel the legend of Liam as the ultimate, arrogant, trouble making rock and roll star and in a rare Q&A session following the Supersonic premiere Liam showed he has lost nothing of his confidence and rockstar swagger despite now being 44 years old.

Perhaps overshadowed by his own mischievous reputation and despite having a clothing brand of his own, Pretty Green, the film revealed just what a keen eye for fashion the Burnage boy always had. For us at Shores, his statement wardrobe pieces have always been killer jackets. Coming from rainy Manchester it’s no surprise that Liam has grown up appreciating the value of a good coat but a quick browse through any images of Gallagher from the beginning of his career right up to the present day reveals a staggeringly rich collection of classic outerwear. When the band first appeared on the scene they took pride in dressing on stage and in their videos just as casual as they would dress hanging out with their mates on the streets of Manchester – jeans, trainers and and an anorak or denim jacket.

As the band became more successful and Liam’s wardrobe grew accordingly he was often seen rocking a parka jacket (both Gallagher brothers are notoriously inspired by the mod movement and the Quadrophenia style) and both brothers are frequently seen adorning the classic of all rock and roll wardrobe items – the leather jacket.

Memorable and iconic front men in music are few and far between these days, but for Liam Gallagher to have sustained that status for over 20 years is down to his pure charisma, attitude and swagger and love him or hate him, the boy has got style.