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It’s farewell Casey Neistat but it’s not goodbye

The YouTube and vlogging world was brought to it’s knees earlier this week when it’s anointed King, Casey Neistat, announced that he was ending the vlog that had brought him unprecedented success.

The filmmaker broke the news to his 5 million subscribers and in just over 18 months since he began the vlog he has amassed over 1 billion views. In an emotional final vlog Neistat claimed he needed to let go of the daily vlog, which he had worked tirelessly on for 16 hours a day for almost two years, in order to explore new creative pastures.

Casey promised his fans that he wouldn’t be abandoning his YouTube channel entirely but that he wanted to concentrate on more longterm, slower build projects rather than the endless, daily vlog slog he had become synonymous for.

Originally Neistat was born in Connecticut on March 25, 1981 but decided to move to New York City in 2001 just prior to the events of 911. Neistat first gained notoriety in 2003 when he produced a short film, iPod’s Dirty Secret, which exposed Apple for not providing a battery replacement program for their recently launched iPod. The film caused great controversy in the tech industry but was widely critically acclaimed.

In 2004 Neistat and his brother started work together producing a film series, Science Experiments. Just a few years later in 2008, the Neistat brothers made an 8 part series for HBO purchased an eight-episode television series.

Once Casey committed to producing his daily vlog in 2015 he opened up his whole life as potential content, often filming his wife Candice and his daughter Francine and every aspect of his personal and professional life. He was greatly admired for his filmmaking style and approach but also for his frankness and honesty.

Here at Shores we watched (pretty much religiously) every vlog he posted and so we thought it was only appropriate to list our favourite Casey Neistat vlogs for you here, and so in no particular order we present the Shores Casey Neistat Hall Of Fame:

Scariest Day Of My Life


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The Greatest Year of My ENTIRE LIFE








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