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Innerstyle Vol.8

At Shores we are purveyors of Outerwear, but we are also cheerleaders of ‘Innerwear’.

What’s ‘Innerwear’ you may ask? Simply put it’s the stuff you hang on the inside – you know the things that make you YOU, the stuff that inspires you, the stuff that makes you inspire others, that makes you smile, that moves you. INNERSTYLE is our little weekly ‘innerwear’ newsletter gift to you, and this is Volume One’s offerings.

Real Influence


Casey Neistat, Ben Stiller and friends are desperately trying to raise money for starving people in Africa. It’s a race against time.

Persistence Pays


Persistence is the key to success according to many of the most powerful people in the world. This article explores why.

It’s OK Again


Radiohead’s era defining album OK COMPUTER is 20 years old this week and music journalists everywhere are revisiting it’s importance.

Into The Wild


At 20 years old Christopher Knight drove away from everything he knew and lived in the wilderness for 27 years until he was discovered. His story is incredible.

And The Good News Is…


Not all news is full of doom and gloom. This place aims to provide us with some of the good stuff that is happening in the world.

Live For The Weeknd


This is one video we can’t stop watching. I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk). It’s cool, it’s retro and it’s very vintage Michael Jackson.

The Internet Is Broken


Sir Tim Berners Lee invented the internet, now he thinks it’s broken. Here’s how he thinks it needs to change.

Empty Space


Some brand logos reveal more than you initially think. Have you ever noticed the arrow in the FedEx logo? Here are more brands whose logo uses empty space to create something special and clever.

Meet TED


The man who created TED shares his top 5 TED Talks ever.

Night Rider


Poland is trialling solar charged glow in the dark cycle and pedestrian lanes and they are incredible.

Home Brew


UK sales in ale have soared over recent years and now with Nirvana Brewing Co. the UK boasts it’s very first non-alcoholic brewery. Nirvana indeed.

How Do You Eat Yours?


Easter is around the corner, people are doing cool things with creme eggs and the internet is going crazy for them.