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Innerstyle Vol.7

At Shores we are purveyors of Outerwear, but we are also cheerleaders of ‘Innerwear’.

What’s ‘Innerwear’ you may ask? Simply put it’s the stuff you hang on the inside – you know the things that make you YOU, the stuff that inspires you, the stuff that makes you inspire others, that makes you smile, that moves you. INNERSTYLE is our little weekly ‘innerwear’ newsletter gift to you, and this is Volume One’s offerings.

Do What You Can’t


This new Casey Neistat film will inspire you and get you motivated.

Tats For Stats


These tattoos conduct electricity and could be used to turn your body into a smart device.

The Past Is The Present


This incredible site is about taking a picture of a picture from the past in the present.

Love Vinyl

love vinyl

This portable, digital vinyl turntable could be about to change the music industry.



In the UK we throw away 7,000,000 paper coffee cups a day and only 1% make it to recycling. This article explains how we can change this.

The Mancunian Way


A powerful poem and film about the UK’s fastest growing city, narrated by Christopher Eccleston.

He Had A Dream


This film breaks down Martin Luther Kings incredible I Have A Dream speech and in doing so makes it even more remarkable and powerful.

Top Of The Pops


Popcorn is undergoing a huge revival. It’s healthy, wholegrain and low in fat. Find out how this ancient snack came into existence.

Vertical Farming

vertical farming

The World population is set to grown to 9 billion people by 2050. Vertical Farming is the future of helping to provide that population with enough food.

Fasting Is Fun


Fasting is well recognised as a great health benefit. This article explores why that’s so and also how businesses are monetising something that is already free.

Neat And Tidy Things


The obsessives amongst us will find this Instagram page very soothing. It’s Adam Hillman arranging things into neat and tidy, colourful order. It’s very pleasing indeed.

His & Hers


This super stylish married couple have built up a huge following by wearing his and hers outfits.

Fuzzy Yellow Will Make You Smile

fuzzy yellow

This short video Hey Fuzzy Yellow will make you very happy indeed.

David Hockney – Living In The Now


With artist David Hockney reaching 80 this year it’s time for everyone to truly appreciate his genius before it’s too late.