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Innerstyle Vol.6

At Shores we are purveyors of Outerwear, but we are also cheerleaders of ‘Innerwear’.

What’s ‘Innerwear’ you may ask? Simply put it’s the stuff you hang on the inside – you know the things that make you YOU, the stuff that inspires you, the stuff that makes you inspire others, that makes you smile, that moves you. INNERSTYLE is our little weekly ‘innerwear’ newsletter gift to you, and this is Volume One’s offerings.

Hidden Figures – The Incredible Story


To celebrate International Women’s Day we wanted to share this phenomenal true story about the women mathematicians who helped save the US space race.

Ask Stupid Questions


The best way to learn is to ask questions – even the dumbest of questions. The unstoppable productivity guru Ryan Holiday explains why.

The Longhairs


With this week celebrating International Women’s Day, this article about longhaired men seems even more appropriate. Men are fighting back and staking long hair for themselves. It’s a proper movement. Read this article but whatever you do don’t call it a ‘man bun’ and never, ever insult a man’s ‘fierce flow’.

Inside Out

inside out

This award winning photo project by Steven Rosenfield aims to help people feel more secure by facing their insecurities. People face the camera but write their deepest fears on their hands or face. The result is powerful and deeply moving.

The Hitman


You probably don’t know this man but it’s very likely he wrote hundreds of the songs you’ve loved over the last 20 years. Hitmaker to the stars, Max Martin, breaks his silence and speaks out for the first time.

Poached Perfection


Poached eggs are the ultimate healthy, balanced food but very few people can make them properly. Here’s how.

Whatever Happened To Generation X?

generation x

The 90’s were so full of promise – britpop, lads culture, rave culture and New Labour. So what did happen to Generation X?

Past and Present


This brilliant art project by @albumplusart combines classical paintings with modern album covers. The results are brilliant and often very funny.

King Of T-Shirts


We love individuals who dare to be different and have the courage to be themselves. Perry Shall is one such character, he collects t-shirts, thousands of them. This quirky film celebrates his passion.



Discovering life on other planets has maybe never been closer than it is now, all thanks to the findings of the Trappist telescope. NASA explain it all in simple terms.

Eat And Be Happy


This Canadian advert aims to get people to start eating together once again – because so much good happens when we do.

Happy Hour


The 100 jokes, sketches and one liners that have shaped modern comedy – from the Marx Brothers to Amy Schumer this article is both a fantastic read and hilarious to watch.