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Innerstyle Vol.2

At Shores we are purveyors of Outerwear, but we are also champions of ‘Innerwear’.

What’s ‘Innerwear’ you may ask? Simply put it’s the stuff you hang on the inside – you know the things that make you YOU, the stuff that inspires you, the stuff that makes you inspire others, that makes you smile, that moves you. INNERSTYLE is our little weekly ‘innerwear’ newsletter gift to you, and this is Volume One’s offerings.

Things You Can Control


There are so many things in the world that people feel they have very little control over, and they can often leave us feeling helpless. Here are at least 26 things that we most definitely can control thanks to thinkgrowprosper. This image deserves to go on every desk across the land!

Stranger Things 2

There isn’t much more that needs to be said other than Stranger Things is coming back for a second season! If you didn’t see the very first trailer for the new series during the Superbowl then here it is in all it’s glory.

It’s Not About The Selfie, It’s All About The ‘Shelfie’


It’s all Instagram’s fault but apparently a great ‘shelfie’ is the new selfie and can show off much more about your tastes, personality and lifestyle than a selfie ever can. So, you had better get sorting those shelves out in preparation!

109 Year Old Veteran Reveals His Secrets Of Life 


Richard Overton is 109 year’s old and America’s oldest war veteran. In this beautiful documentary the whisky drinking, ice-cream eating, cigar smoking dude reveals his incredible secrets to a long life.

Non Stop Photoshop


This guy can’t stop photoshopping himself into pictures of Kendall Jenner, but unlike most other celebrity photobombers, his work is truly brilliant and really funny too.

Eat To Live


Dan Buettner has spent the last ten years studying the eating and living habits of the world’s longest living people and these are his findings.

Ten Metre Tower 


Ten Metre Tower is an incredible film showing people attempting to jump off a 10 metre diving board into a swimming pool The film, made by Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson is both a funny and fascinating look at human frailty, fear and vulnerability.

The Man Who Sold His Body To Art 


Tim Steiner allowed artist Wim Delvoye to design a tattoo on his back and then he sold it to a German art collector. When he dies his back is to be framed and given to the collector but for now he has to appear at galleries around the world to display himself.

People To Know – David Hockney

David Hockney is about to celebrate his 80th birthday with a major exhibition at the Tate London. He may just be the most important living artist in the world and this article featuring tributes from some very highly acclaimed fans and friends is a testament to that. If you don’t know much about Hockney then find out, if you do know of him then what can be greater than rediscovering his genius and celebrating his incredible influence?

Putting People In Boxes

denmark difference

This beautiful and moving film from Denmark highlights to us how we categorise people and make judgements based on our own prejudices before we know enough about them. It’s a must watch film and a real perspective shifter.

Wood You Believe It


Matt Johnson takes everyday objects, carves them out of wood and then paints them to look more like the real thing than the original. It’s called ‘perfection in replication’ and his work is incredible.

Made Of Stone

Scientists have discovered hundreds of ancient earthworks resembling Stonehenge in the Amazon forest that are thought to be several thousand years old.

The Man Who Inadvertently Changed Climate-Change Science

billy barr

Billy Barr moved to the Rocky Mountains forty four years ago and out of curiosity he began keeping a journal about the landscape around him. Those notebooks became the stuff of ecological legend and most importantly they changed climate-change science forever. This serene film tells his story and so does this great article from The Atlantic.

One To Read – Who Moved My Cheese?


This brilliant book is so small and easy to read and tells a great little story which has helped it to become a multi million international bestseller, changing many lives, careers and businesses in the process.

One To Watch – Contact

the big pic 1 contact

Contact is 20 years old this year but possibly remains more poignant than ever before. Based on the book by astronomer, mystic and author Carl Sagan, directed by Back To The Future’s Robert Zemeckis and starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey, the film follows Foster’s character Ellie as she works for SETI and searches for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. It’s beautiful, mind-blowing and thought provoking all at once. If you’ve seen and enjoyed 2016 ‘s Arrival then you will truly love Contact.