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Innerstyle Vol.11

 At Shores we are purveyors of Outerwear, but we are also cheerleaders of ‘Innerwear’.

What’s ‘Innerwear’ you may ask? Simply put it’s the stuff you hang on the inside – not the clothes – but the things inside of you that make you YOU, the stuff that inspires you, the stuff that makes you inspire others, that informs you, that makes you smile, that moves you.

INNERSTYLE is our little, weekly ‘innerwear’ gift to you.

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Beat Burnout


Burnout is becoming an epidemic and isn’t just down to working too hard. This article explains what it is and how to beat it.

Silva Lining


When Jason Silva delivers a monologue it’s hard not to get blow away by his passion and delivery. Here he explains the meaning of life.

Fast Food


The dabbawalas of India have been delivering food for over 125 years and yet are still unsurpassed as the World’s most reliable food delivery service.

Face Book



This French bookstore has been around for 121 years but is embracing digital marketing by matching book covers to customers in the store.

The World In Numbers


The five mind-blowing statistics in this article are set to define the next 100 years of life on Earth.

May The Farce Be With You


Bad Lip Reading has been ruling YouTube for years with their hilarious lip sync videos. Their Star Wars series has been resurrected recently with their The Force Awakens video, featuring an incredible cameo from Mark Hamill voicing Han Solo.

The Downside Of Positivity


Psychology research proving that positive thinking can have it’s downsides may sound like an almighty negative, but the research is actually encouraging people to simply re-think their thinking.

Black Is The New Black


Vantablack 2.0, created in the UK by Surrey Nanosystems, is the World’s blackest black, absorbing 99.6% of light and rendering 3D objects flat. The possibilities for this substance are endless.

A Day In The Life


In this brilliant article Todd Brison shares the secrets of ‘micro-journaling’ and how it helped him more than anything else to improve his focus throughout the day.

I Am Heath


The first trailer for the heartbreaking new documentary about the life and death of Heath Ledger is out and it looks incredible. Tragic but incredible.



We previewed the new podcast from Serial producers S-Town just two weeks ago and it’s now become a phenomenon. This in depth article investigates in detail the central character of the show, John B McLemore.

Daddy Cool 


After his daughter was saved by an anonymous donor for a bone marrow transplant, her father wanted to make up for lost time by photoshopping his little girl into precarious situations. His work went viral.

Water Bubble


This edible water bubble, called an Ooho, is the future of how we will drink water.