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Colour Block Dressing – Style Made Easy

When asked to think of someone with their own style, it’s easy to think of your most outlandish friend. The type of person who isn’t afraid of bright hair dye and has a wardrobe full of clothing you wouldn’t find on the high street. But style isn’t always about making a bold statement. Sometimes wearing only one colour can be just as striking.

Stay with us for a second, because we’re not about to sell you the ‘all black everything’ look as if it was something new.

No. We’re talking about the subtle tone changes and textural layers of block colour dressing. If you’re the type of person who feels they have too many statement pieces that don’t quite gel together, this style could make you think completely differently about your wardrobe.

How many pieces of clothing do you have that match by colour?


Beige that isn’t so boring

How about going one step further with your old favourite, the type of colours you’d throw on with a casual pair of jeans. Beige springs to mind for us as it’s such an understated colour, one known for safety and often reserved for smart outfits. Instead of pairing that beige blouse with trousers, opt for nude leggings. Go on! Be daring.

We’re loving this caramel toned outfit from Nanamendes_, who makes an all beige outfit worth talking about. The thigh high boots give this a final pinch of attitude and we’re loving the sophisticated camel overcoat.


Camo coverups
Camo doesn’t have to make you blend in. Whilst tempting to steer clear of khaki when wearing a camo item, you can mix and match green items without looking like you’re in the army. Pair your camo with a classic parka jacket.
We truly believe that everyone looks good in a parka jacket! Green on green looks great when you’re styling classic items like a fishtail parka. This look from Faryalcosmetics sure stands out with faux fur textures & camo print dress!

Grey tones and texture
Once you strip away the colour, you often find other ways to experiment. Adding layers of texture is a great way to do this and instantly makes your outfit stand out. We often wonder, how would people stand out if the world was black and white? Well, here’s your answer from Kersxaw who snapped up our Justin jacket in grey.
Pairing this with multiple grey items may seem safe, but the mixture of suede, knitwear and ripped denim gives this colour block outfit a great twist.


Credit: Ellie O’Donnnell

Cheating with two-pieces
Ok, this one is slightly cheating but it’s a good way to ease your way in! Plus, you could always layer this look with a stylish jacket and matching blue purse if you wanted to really give yourself a challenge. Perfect for a summers day or night on the town, throw on a biker jacket over the top and you’re good to go!


So what do you think about colour block dressing?

We hope this has giving you some stylish food for thought and perhaps we’ll spot you colour blocking soon!


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