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We all dream, right?

We are meant to only dream at night but many of us also spend a great deal of time daydreaming. Much of those daydreams focus on an ideal or concept we have in the future that we want to strive for. So if you are just starting out in your career you may be dreaming of your perfect job and all the associated thrills you would anticipate being a part of that. Your whole life lies in front of you and opportunities lie all around, you may not see them just yet but they are there and you will discover them if you begin the search.


I’ve been daydreaming a lot lately and it’s about one particular thing. At Shores I know we offer a great outerwear collection at really good prices, and I’m really happy about that. We are always striving to improve and progress but I think we are really onto something good, even at this stage of our journey. But I want Shores to be something more than that, I want it to have a higher purpose.

I worked in the television industry for 12 years and have run fashion businesses for just a little bit longer than that. Both industries have been very good to me over the years and the experiences I have been fortunate to have had through both have been incredible. At this stage of my life, and with Shores, I feel though that I want to now give something back to the creative industries.

Here at Shores we want to be a brand that champion up and coming talent. We want to work with you and share in your glorious talents. We want to help you get that break. We want to nurture your abilities. Advise you. Guide you. Connect you. Collaborate with you. Create with you.

I’m putting the wheels in motion to achieve this.

I want to build Shores not just into a great outerwear brand and website but also into a platform for harnessing and showcasing incredible new and raw talent that might not normally get the chance to shine, in what can essentially be quite snobby and elitist industries.

So if you are an up and coming photographer, a budding filmmaker, a vlogger or blogger send us examples of your work. If you fancy being a model, make up artist, stylist, lighting assistant or location scout then send us some images or ideas and we’ll get in touch and find a way of working together.

Take a look at our Pinterest boards and in particular our Outdoor Life and City Life boards to get a sense of the vibe and attitude that we believe in here at Shores.




Our most recent collaboration was with three extremely talented young Manchester University students, April, Alex and Lindsey who together write the tripledown.co.uk fashion blog. We gave the girls a selection of Shores jackets and then followed them on a photoshoot. You can see some highlights from that day in the film below.

The girls then did a great feature about the day in their own blog, which you can read by clicking here.

Below are some of the shots they took from the photoshoot.





This is the just the start of what I know will be a long term collaboration with the girls. Their passion and creativity is totally infectious and I believe they have a very bright future ahead of themselves in the fashion industry. Shores are proud to be a part of their journey and we will do everything we can to help and promote them.

So get in touch if you too want to be part of our Shores collaboration.

You can email me direct at richard@yourshores.com


I look forward to working with you.