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Collaborate: Natasha Hermanto

The Collaborate Project is something that’s very important to us here at Shores. In a nutshell it’s a chance for us at Shores to utilise our reach, following and influence to try and help up and coming talent to get their break in their chosen creative industry.

Collaborate is helping us build some great relationships with some super talented people (photographers, stylists, graphic designers) and hopefully giving them an opportunity in what are very exclusive, challenging industries to break into.

This month we are putting the spotlight on a super talented young lady called Natasha Josephine Hermanto.

Natasha is a student of (BA Hons) Fashion Design and Technology specialising in Womenswear at Manchester Metropolitan University. Before studying in Manchester, UK, she studied in Singapore for her O Level and A Level qualifications.


Natasha was born in Indonesia, a country endowed with enchanting natural landscape and rich in cultural diversity. Raised in this country, Natasha learned how to appreciate nature and celebrate different cultures.


Natasha loves to travel and every time she sets out on a journey she takes her camera with her. During her free time, she also draws fashion illustrations, which she often posts on her instagram feed.

We have been working with Natasha for a while, after she initially approached us through the Collaborate project. It was clear from the very start that she was very driven and focused, extremely creative and a superb photographer as well.


When Natasha returned home to Indonesia for the Summer she asked if she could take some of our Shores jackets with her, so that she could explore some fashion photography whilst she traveled. Every few weeks we would receive a selection of incredible images from various places Natasha had visited. She spent time in Indonesia and Singapore, taking pictures around iconic places such as Marina Bay Sands, Haji Lane, Gardens by the Bay and Changi Beachwalk.


It soon became clear that Natasha’s desire to work and improve her skills, even whilst on holiday is an incredible asset and this young lady is going to go a long way in whichever side of the fashion industry she decides to settle on.


To see pictures of her work you can visit her website at diaryofaposhcat.wordpress.com and at her Instagram account @aFashionableCat.

If you would like to work with us at Shores and join our Collaborate project then email us at hello@yourshores.com or sign up via the Collaborate link on our website: