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Coats Are King

When we first created Shores we had one of those long meetings. You may know the ones – gallons of strong coffee, stodgy food for energy and a whole lot of talking. We knew exactly what we wanted to do with the brand, we had a strong sense of our mission but we didn’t know quite how to say it.

We talked and talked some more, we scratched and scribbled ideas on the flipchart but everything seemed too wordy or too complicated.

You see we all LOVE coats and jackets. More than that, we are OBSESSED with outerwear. It’s all we talk about, it’s all we notice when we are out socialising, watching films, flicking through magazines or browsing the internet. Our problem was that we felt outerwear gets a bad rap. We all agreed that coats were relegated to an after thought. People were spending time and money on the rest of their outfits but their coat choice was often a last resort, sometimes forgotten altogether, or at best they would revert to an old jacket they already had and just throw it on.

Then, it happened. A random comment was casually thrown out and suddenly everyone’s ears pricked up. That’s it. That’s what we want to say.


The mist cleared and the road ahead revealed itself clear as day. Our mission was absolute.

We have to get the ‘coat’ promoted to it’s rightful place nearer the top of the fashion pecking order and not the sartorial after thought it has become.


There are thousands of clothing brands and sites out there hustling for business selling you outfits, fast fashion changes so fast it is now rocket fueled and heading out the stratosphere.

Coats though are an investment. A classic leather biker jacket has been a wardrobe staple for over 50 years and will remain there for another 50 years, and you can wear it all year round too! A parka is another timeless classic, and who doesn’t feel good rocking it in khaki cool? What do we need to say about a well-worn denim jacket that it doesn’t say for itself?

So here at Shores, we only do one thing and we try to do that well – OUTERWEAR.

We are on a mission. We want justice. We want freedom for coats everywhere. They have been persecuted for too long now.


Watch this space…..