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Say Hello to Charlotte Lewis

We decided a long way back in the process of bringing Shores to life that we would do things differently. We wanted to break a mould, we wanted to give things back to the wonderful bloggers and fashion enthusiasts who have helped us over the years. Today, we kick that off by giving Charlotte Lewis of Lurch Hound Loves the full Paxman treatment – enjoy!

Who is Charlotte Lewis, exactly?

I am an SEO, content and outreach girl by day and a high street fashion blogger by night! I love to share my style tips on Lurch Hound Loves for creating a killer wardrobe on a budget. I think my tips are accessible to the everyday girl, whether they are looking to shop solely on the high street, or mix things up with a few high-end products as well.

So, how did you get into fashion blogging?

A couple of years back, I attended a fashion blogging event with one of my friends, and that was my main introduction into the fast paced world of fashion blogging. Also, with working in the digital arena by day, I wanted my own personal space online outside of work and sharing my tips and sense of style with the world seemed like the perfect idea.

Who would you say your style icons are?

At the moment I am obsessed with Kate Bosworth and her chic yet effortless style. I also love Ashley Madekwe and her minimal style on her blog, ‘Ring My Bell‘.

Which brands are you into at the moment?

My current favourite fashion brand is Zara, as they can seemingly do no wrong… I just want to buy everything in-store whenever I go in. As well as that, I will always hold a flame for Michael Kors bags and Estée Lauder is a relatively new beauty brand that I’ve been trialling – I’m loving their Double Wear foundation in particular at the moment.

What fashion trends do you expect to see over the next year?

I predict that we will continue to revive 60s and 70s fashion trends. Faux fur is always a must in Autumn, especially in patchwork designs or eye-catching colours, and I hope to see denim and double denim still being a key trend next Spring/Summer.

What do you wish more people knew about you and your style?

That I love the simple things in life, and there is nothing better than a pair of comfy trainers.

What’s a typical day for you?

Wake up before 7am and check my social channels with a cup of coffee, then I go for a run with Brody, my lurcher cross wolf-hound, making sure I arrive at the office before 9am. I work online until about 5pm, then as soon as I finish work I drive home singing along to my favourite songs, hoping against all hope that no one sees me. Come 6pm, I’m back out for another run with Brody before squeezing in some floor exercises. At 8pm, I’ll have dinner, then spend a few hours writing, editing photos, scheduling blog posts for the week and watching a few of my favourite TV shows.

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time?

I would like to continue to grow the reach of my high street fashion blog, Lurch Hound Loves, getting as many people as possible using my site for outfit and styling inspiration. I’m also having a lot of fun with my new YouTube channel, so I’d love to improve my film and editing skills in the future too.

Two/three year’s time?

I would love to be a features writer for a fashion-led online publication in the future, that way I could run my blog full time and have it be my actual job day to day (one can dream!).

For more of Charlotte’s inimitable style, you can view her very own dedicated Shores lookbook.