Starting Lines


Welcome to Shores, the starting point of your next big adventure. Our outerwear is built to last, and for every classic design there is another that sits firmly on the bleeding edge of fashion. We have jackets and coats for every occasion, and any weather condition.

From the moment a Shores parcel hits your doormat, your journey has begun. Our outerwear will carry you to somewhere new, or somewhere that feels like home in equal measure. Like the very shores of our namesake, our jackets are timeless, constantly evolving and developing thanks to the most natural processes possible.

At the same time, shores are striking examples of natural contrast, serving as the meeting point between gently undulating land and the boundless oceans beyond. In a similar vein, Shores is a brand that sits between single brands going it alone, and monolithic online department stores. 

With Shores, we want to do things differently. We want to be subject to change in exactly the same way shores are in nature. Always learning, always improving, always looking to please our customers with an online experience that is a joy to use. Without a rich history or prominent name guiding us, we just don’t see any other way of working than one of constant evolution and adaptation in an ever-changing digital world.

Our shores are your shores, shaped by your likes and dislikes, hopes and expectations. Our journey is just beginning, and you are more than welcome to join us for the adventures to come. 

Shores was designed and built by AHOY .